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Vinyard: fathing south / south west steep slopes, 60% slope, top location of Mosel.
Soil: grey-blue shale soil. A very important characteristic of the shale soil is the accumulation of heat.
This is a big advantage in the cool autumn nights.
The berries in this top location are obvious smaller and because of this much more tasteful.
Harvest: selected picking end of October 2011, very ripen berries,30 hl / ha
Fermentation: controlled fermentation between 12° - 15° C, for 8 weeks in stainless steel tanks.
Afterwards 1 month bearing on the yeast before it gets bottled.

Taste: Multiple fruits with flavour of vinyard peach, very clear and clean smell, juicy and long keeping on the pallet, artful acidity.
Ripening age: 15 – 20 years

品鉴:葡萄园位于德国莫塞产区最高位置,坡度为60%向南面。土壤蓝灰色页岩,对于寒冷地区的葡萄园来说,这个非常重要,因为它给予了葡萄充足的热量。在此位置的葡萄,显然比较小但是味道却非常的浓郁。2011年10月葡萄完全成熟时采摘,3000公升/ 公顷。在不锈钢桶中发酵至少8周以上,发酵温度控制在12 – 15 °C;酵母在不锈钢桶中对酒体作用至少1个月后才装瓶。

建议饮用温度:  8– 10 °C

From German Mosel
VDP Weingut Grans-Fassian

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